1-1 education

It is possible to take both my healing and telepathy training as a mentorship program, where you get 1:1 training with me.

You can read about the telepathy training
and the healing education

In a personalized training program, every session is based on you.

1:1 education

All exercises and classes are hand-picked for you and your personal needs and wishes. If you feel there’s something you need to practice more, we’ll do it – if there’s something that particularly interests you, we can include it. This is a unique opportunity to tailor your own training program. Your own animals become your teachers on this journey, so that together you can establish an even stronger connection and understanding of each other.

This special course is for those who:

  • Want individual learning, focusing on you, your personal blocks and talents
  • Want an education that can be specialized in your areas of interest (perhaps behavioral issues, health screening, chakra science or other)
  • Is independent, takes responsibility for your own learning, and wants all the time to be spent on you
  • Have a hard time showing up live on 4 weekends, and want training that is scheduled around when you have time and are ready to learn
  • Maybe you’ve already learned something about telepathy and healing and don’t want to start from scratch, but want to build on this knowledge

You get:

  • 10×1.5 hour training sessions
  • Free to seek guidance from me along the way
  • The book: Learn the Hidden Language of Animals
  • Access my online universe: The intuitive pet owner
  • E-book with cases you can practice between modules
  • Community in FB group


In practical terms, the training is built over 10 sessions of 1.5 hours each. The training takes place over the phone, where we talk on the phone and I teach you theory, go through exercises with you and answer questions. You’ll be given homework in between modules to help you develop, and you’ll be required to submit cases from time to time to ensure full understanding of the content. By the end of the program, you will have been through the same thing as those who participate in my live courses. Therefore, you can also choose to finish with a certificate (for completion) or you can choose to finish with a diploma (upon successful completion). Registration and payment are binding.

A telepathy training course consists of 10 sessions of 1.5 hours each. It takes place via Skype. You’ll receive classes, exercises, reading material, Q&A sessions, training with different animals, client training and much more! You complete the course with a certificate. Payment and registration are binding after the course has started.

1:1 education

10.000 dkr. for the entire course

Once payment has been made, there is no return policy.

10 session course.

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