Telepathy training advanced

Have you taken courses or trainings in telepathy?

Have you learned how to connect with animals but want to improve?
Would you like to learn how to receive more detailed, precise and longer explanations from animals?
Would you like to work with more advanced cases and techniques?
Do you want to learn therapeutic techniques and work in depth with energy?

Then this program is for you!

The next steps

Once you’ve learned to connect with the animals around you, the next step is the next step: lots of training. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to stay in touch with this ability and how to resolve the blocks and issues you run into along the way. I experienced this myself, and it led me to take no less than 3 different telepathy courses that taught me the same fundamentals. That’s why I’ve put together this advanced class that takes you one step further with more advanced techniques and cases, while teaching you how to stay in touch with your ability, master your own energy, work therapeutically with animals and use your abilities in a natural way in your everyday life. Just because we can make contact with animals doesn’t mean we feel safe or trust that what we receive is correct at all times. This training helps you gain more confidence in your own abilities.

In-depth training

This training is organized according to the needs and wishes that I have heard from former students or other already trained telepaths. This means that this training is specialized to solve the problems that many people face and develop the skills that benefit most people. It is also a flexible program with room to handle issues that the specific training group encounters.

Exclusively included in the price are 2×1.5 private lessons per person. Learner that can be used to solve individual problems or dive into specific areas of interest. They are intended to help the individual learner further in their journey and training.
In addition, a case telepathy is submitted between each module, which you receive personalized feedback on both the telepathic content and communication, as well as ideas for improvement, clarifying questions, etc.

Telepathy training advanced

We also work with things like:

  • Behavioral analytics
  • Resolve trauma & emotional challenges
  • Communicate with multiple animals at the same time & resolve conflicts between them
  • Chakra reading in practice
  • Connect healing to telepathy
  • Practice live telepathy with real clients
  • Learn to use our intuition in our daily life with animals
  • Using telepathy in training sessions & animal interaction
  • Receive precise details and understand symbolism
  • Create an ‘inner translation’ of the things we often see and experience: an inner-personal dictionary
  • Communicate with your animals

It’s an in-depth program, with a small class size of only 6 students, allowing for individualized instruction and feedback to help each student deal with their inner blocks and issues, while filling their toolbox with new, in-depth tools to achieve their goals.

Do you feel called to improve your ability to help animals?

This telepathy training is a unique opportunity to build on your foundation in animal telepathy so you can feel safer, more confident, become more detailed and accurate, and use advanced techniques to get the answers you need.

This training is for you if you

  • Are ready to invest time and effort in your own inner development
  • Want to help your own or other people’s animals with greater understanding, solve problems and heal relationships
  • Are ready to undergo an exciting inner journey with animals and nature as your guide
  • Want to have the tools to resolve trauma, deeper issues and create change energetically in animals and humans
  • Love to delve into the small details and do therapeutic work with animals and humans
  • Want a larger toolbox of tools to help animals and more confidence in their own abilities

Among other things, you get

  • 3 modules of 2 days = 6 days of training
  • 2 x 1.5 hours of 1:1 training for YOU and YOUR needs
  • Access my online universe: The intuitive pet owner
  • E-book with cases you can practice between modules
  • Practice live telepathy on location
  • The book: Activity book – train your intuitive abilities
  • Community in FB group


  • The training is spread over 3 weekends of 2 days each.
  • Every day from 10-16
  • Max 6 participants
  • The address for all modules is:
  • Price: DKK 10,000 for the entire program all inclusive. Completed with a certificate.

Telepathy training advanced

10,000 kr. for the entire program all inclusive.

Once payment has been made, there is no return policy.

The course takes place over 3 weekends of 2 days each, every day from 10-16.

Next class: will be held on d. March 18-19, April 29-30 and June 3-4. The address is: Roskilde. FULLY BOOKED

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