Animal telepathy 

Animal telepathy is an energetic exchange between humans and animals. It is possible to communicate telepathically with all kinds of animals; telepathy is an ability we all possess, but most people have forgotten how to use, but can reactivate and reconnect with.

What is animal telepathy?

Many people have experienced communicating telepathically with their pets – without realizing it. It could be a sudden thought or a gut feeling that made them change course. All subtle messages from animals without us even realizing it.
The trick is not so much to talk to animals, but to be able to listen to our animals. Understanding their unique personality and soul – their perspective, desires and thoughts. Animal telepathy allows us to achieve mutual connection, clarity and healing. We can all learn the universal language of telepathy, which allows us to connect with nature and the animals in our lives.

How does animal telepathy work?

First, a telepathic and spiritual connection is made between animal and human. Our body and mind begin to receive the energetic messages the animal sends us. This information can be received through many different channels. These can be thoughts in your head, sudden ideas, sensations in your body, emotions, images in your head or sensory impressions.
Everything around us is made up of energy, protons and electrons, and everything has its own frequency – meaning it vibrates at different speeds. Physical objects, like a table, have a heavier frequency than, say, a thought. You can think of it as everything physical, but also everything we can’t see like thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. has a unique barcode.
When I ask an animal how it feels and it sends a feeling of safety and happiness, my intuition comes in contact with those barcodes and my system translates it into words like happiness and safety! Every feeling, thought or sensation has its own unique energy that we can be able to receive, recognize and understand.
As telepathy is a telepathic and energetic phenomenon, it is not limited to location. On the contrary, it allows for communication over long distances and is not limited to telepaths and animals being present together. Telepathy isn’t limited to living animals either, but also allows for connection and clarification with those of our animals that have gone before.

What are the benefits of animal telepathy?

Animal telepathy has many benefits. It creates a unique opportunity to exchange wisdom, healing and mutual understanding between animals and their humans. We expose and ask our animals to many things that are not natural to them, and through telepathy we can offer to listen to them and try to understand them.
Telepathy truly creates understanding and compassion between animals and humans. This allows us to help our animals overcome trauma, grief and anxiety. We can create the right environment for the animal’s well-being. We can meet the animal’s needs and help the animal overcome problem behaviors. We can receive wonderful life wisdom from the beings that walk the earth with us. Humans and animals are able to create and find a deep, soulful connection with each other.

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