Telepathic animal tracking

Have you always dreamed of using telepathy to find more wildlife? Want to learn how to look for wild animals and find them when you’re out and about? Do you want to learn new tools that allow you to search for animals the way they did in ancient tribal societies? Then join me for this themed day where I will teach you techniques to track animals using the animal tracking system. Telepathy.

  • First, I’ll teach you the different techniques I know for telepathically tracking animals. I also go through the biggest pitfalls to avoid when trying to track.
  • We do a test together on an animal I have placed somewhere in the area. We are now going to The techniques I’ve gone through try to find this animal waiting for us.
  • Then we’ll go out and track wild animals in the area. We will mainly be tracking deer. You’ll be sent out on your own, and we’ll meet up afterwards to talk about the experience and who was successful at what.


  • Price: 600 kr. Per person
  • Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Day 1: Dyrehaven d. 11/3 – We meet at Klampenborg train station at 10am
  • Day 2: Viborg plantation d. 15/4 – The parking lot is located at the start of Krathusvej, when you turn off from Egeskovvej just before the town sign to Hald Ege

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